Salmon Industry

Fresh Salmon

Together with the leading salmon producers and exporters in Chile, we have developed a highly specialized insurance product, that covers the entire logistic chain, from the plant at origin up to the arrival of the cargo at destination.

We are the pioneers in producing a cover that adapts to the current demands of the fresh products’ industry, which are carried by air to the main markets in the world.

Salmón Fresco

Frozen Salmon

We can offer our clients an insurance that covers the inherent risks associated to the export of frozen products, which due to the high values involved, have become a constant problem to the insurance market.

Our clients have a solid insurance cover, granting them the access to faster incident investigations and insurance payments.

Salmón Congelado

Improving the use of insurance covers

With our solid knowledge in the claims’ processes, we are not only able to obtain the best insurance covers for our clients, but also, we improve the use of the insurance policies, aiming at keeping the loss ratio low by way of successful and efficient recovery processes against the final responsible parties.

Optimización del uso de coberturas
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